Copyright © 2012 “BATTLE THIS!”- By Clance M. Morring – Author, Inventor

Hi, my name is Clance Michael Morring. I first created the BATTLE THIS Board Game in February of 1989 and had a copyright search done to make sure there was nothing like it on the market or already copyrighted. Once the copyright search came back in my favor, on May 17, 1989, I sent the rules, specification and the entire concept for my BATTLE THIS Board Game to be copyrighted. During the summer of 89, a very good friend name Jose Mojica teamed up with me on revising the art work for the game board and cover box.  By December 5th, 1989 the artwork was done. Once I received my Certificate of Copyright Registration, I then sent the board game to be review by Florida Product Innovation Center. On August 15, 1990, FPIC completed their review and found “the product’s potential marketability is rated good and its actual technical soundness is rated very well with a long life span”; a very positive feedback.

In the year of 1998, May 14, some friends (Abraham Dees, Robert Derrick, Jose Mojica and Mr. and Mrs. Karl and Dionne Rockhead) and I decided to get together to revise the BATTLE THIS prototype. Once again the art work for the cover box, rule book and game board needed to be updated. The rules and concept of the game play remain the same since its creation in 1989. On September 20, 1998 the new look for the rule book, along with the artwork for the game board and cover box was sent off to be copyrighted.

Now in the year of 2012, I have decided to bring my BATTLE THIS Board Game to life. My goal is to have it professionally manufacture and on the market, first selling as a board game and then going software. My ultimate goal is to have BATTLE THIS made as an app for the smart phones and license to be played on the Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo DS and other handheld device that allow game playing and for it to be played over the Internet on the PC, Mac and iPad.

BATTLE THIS Target Market are major retail chain stores; discount department stores; mom and pop stores; strategic board game stores; online game stores; the military; schools; colleges and other outlets that specialize in selling; buying and playing board games. I would love to see BATTLE THIS game clubs created and have an annual BATTLE THIS tournament sponsor, with extremes BATTLE THIS competitors.

I know I have my work cut out; I’m focus, discipline and aim to pursuit my happiness and make this lifelong dream of mine into a reality. The cover box and game board illustration for this present Original Self-publish version of the BATTLE THIS Board Game was done by my very good and long time friend Robert Derrick. I strongly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a talented, creative and reliable artiest.