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The BATTLE THIS Blog Web Site is an open forum for questions, answers, networking, trading information and socializing. On this blog, I will be educating my followers on Copyrights, Copyrights search, Patent, Patent pending, Trademark and Commercial licensing. I will be linking those who want to bring their idea to life, to helpful web sites and reliable, talented and creative individuals. I will also be covering topics about what to do as well as what not to do.

News, updates and events, concerning the BATTLE THIS Board Game will be posted as they occur. Feel free to join, sign in and become a follower of my blog. Do not be shy, ask question. So let’s come together, put our head together, support each other and uplift one another.

Looking forward to communicating with you all and to the best of my knowledge, answering any question you might have as well as try to direct you to helpful resources.